Trade Customer Disputing VAT on Invoice

Unless you’re dealing with a consumer (which you’re not) it’s up to the customer to find out whether your quote includes VAT or not – if it makes any difference to him.

If you agreed £100 and you’re VAT registered then he owes you the money, no argument.

As he’s obviously dropped a b****ck maybe you could offer to split the difference with him – it’s only a few £ after all.

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Posted by alec at 4:05 pm, May 29, 2005

Bank details PLEASE

I’m getting really tired of having to chase people for their bank details so that we can pay them. It astonishes me that people don’t put the details on their invoices and then don’t respond to emails, faxes and texts asking for them. Do you not want paying?
Would the people who are waiting for payment from us (and I’m sure you know who you are) please email or fax their bank details to us as soon as possible.

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Posted by alec at 6:28 pm, May 13, 2005