Crystal Segments T/a Event Domain ( and Clear Debt Solutions Ltd (CDS) – scammers or terminally stupid?

Unlike most things I write this doesn’t really have much relevance to the same day courier industry but these scamming fools have annoyed me so much that I’ve got to write about them somewhere – and this is as good a place as any.

Back in March 2009 I added a free listing for my business on the website – “Web Directory for the Conference, Hospitality and Event industry”. Almost three years later these scammers are pursuing my company for an alleged debt for advertising on their site. I’m not the sort of person to be taken in by scams like this, so they won’t be getting a penny from us. Hopefully anybody else who’s being harassed for non-existent debts by this shower of conmen will find this article and be armed with the information they need to avoid being harassed into paying up.

At the time we registered on their site it displayed a clickable ad: “Add your company for FREE – Register Today”. Clicking the ad led to another page containing the following text:

Standard Listing

Drive targeted Event-sector visitors to your business

A standard entry with Eventdomain gets you the following:

It provides the first stage in advertising and gives you basic internet presence
It’s a low cost way for you to be found
It will help in ranking you in the search engines

It also mentions an enhanced ‘Sponsored Listing’ at a cost of £40 for 13 months.

Being a cheapskate and not being the sort of person who would ever pay to advertise on some tinpot directory site with a very limited presence I entered our details for the Standard Listing. I received Read More…

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Business Opportunities for Freelance Same Day Courier Owner Drivers

Sorry about the misleading title – there are NO ‘courier business opportunities’ on this page, just a few words of warning for anyone thinking about becoming a ‘freelance same day courier’ or a ‘courier owner driver’.

As the recession, or ‘downturn’ to put an optimistic slant on it, starts to bite, particularly in the building trade, we’re starting to see more and more new entrants to the same day courier industry. It seems an inevitable feature of every economic slowdown that the industry is swamped with out of work tradesman and redundant factory-workers, keen to put their unused van (or their redundancy payment) to use starting a new business for themselves.

It’s an easy enough business to get into, just a van and a mobile phone required. Nowadays it’s apparently not even necessary to have a collection of maps, or even any map-reading skills; just spend £75 on a satnav and you’re ready for work. That’s the theory at least.

There will no doubt be no shortage of local and national same day courier companies Read More…

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MTvan gone bust?

For some weeks I’ve been controlling my anger about the latest shady trick played by Courier Finance Ltd, the owners of I’d planned to write something in the next few days about their way of doing business, which I’ve considered for some time to be slightly less than honest and open.

Not content with lying to their original members about their membership fees giving them life membership, they sneakily bought the courier forum while hiding its ownership from its members, saturating the site with advertising for their associated (and I think highly questionable) business ventures and claiming for two years that it was “by far the largest independent forum for couriers and courier owner drivers”. Independent my arse, about as independent as their courier exchange site that was actually run by a company that was quietly in competition with many of its members.

Anyway, it seems that events have overtaken me and I won’t get the chance to launch the scathing attack on their business that I had intended to. It turns out that the experienced businessmen at Courier Finance Ltd decided that after Amtrak had gone into liquidation in 2007 it would be a good idea to extend credit terms to the newly-formed Netfold Ltd, which bought the business from the liquidators. It also appears that they didn’t notice when Netfold failed to file its first accounts on time in March 2008 and seemingly continued to provide credit to them until they went into administration at the Read More…

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Phone Scam Doing The Rounds

You realise that THEY have to pay for you ringing them on an 0800 and they don’t receive anything out of what you pay your mobile company. Odd sort of a scam.

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Posted by alec at 11:52 am, April 28, 2008

0800 numbers – Global Communications Solutions Ltd

If that price is for 0800 numbers then it’s an unsustainable business plan – so eventually they will cease to exist and you may lose continuity on your number.

If someone was to offer to do £100 worth of work every month for you for life for an up front fee would you accept the offer?

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It’s a front for Ufindus/Iomart. Click here if you’re not already aware of them.

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Possibly a scam? Well let’s see.

The website’s registered to a non-trading individual. The address is apparently an accomodation address. There’s no company or ownership details on the website. The site’s code contains references to “CRS Employment Escorts”, which seems an interesting sideline for a courier driver agency.
In my opinion they’re about as kosher as Pinky and Perky.

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Unsolicited BACS payment in our account – Scam?

I’ve a vague idea of a scam that goes like this – the bank have up to 6 months to reverse fraudulant transactions – so someone pays you by BACS – you refund the money to the bank details that you’re supplied with and then 5 months later the bank reverses the original fraudulant transaction. Advise your bank of the mistake and ask them to reverse the transaction and refund any charges. Do it in writing, get proof of posting and keep a copy of the letter.

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Central Courier Company Slough

They’re also apparently in the same building as us – and the other business centre behind us. Odd how the management of the business centres have never heard of them though…….

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£400 headlights from Manchester to London – tried to pay for the headlights and the delivery using stolen credit card details from a bloke in Eastleigh. Take care.

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