Internet Based Same Day Courier Brokers

Same Day Couriers Throughout The UK

Internet based same day courier ‘brokers’. These are a relatively recent phenomenon and I’m not sure there’s been a term coined yet which describes them properly. Companies like and provide an internet-based booking service allowing users to book same day deliveries through one or more of the national same day courier companies. As far as I can tell the broker takes little or no part in providing the actual same day delivery service.

I can’t comment on the effectiveness of this type of service as it isn’t something I’ve ever used or am ever likely to allow my company to be involved with. I will say though that we withdrew our own online booking facility after only three weeks use because in my opinion it just didn’t work with our type of customer.

There are undoubtedly advantages in providing online booking to allow regular customers to book deliveries, where the customer’s individual requirements have been discussed in advance and the online booking is just a quicker and more efficient way of allowing the customer to book. For one-off deliveries, deliveries for infrequent users or just out-of-the-ordinary same day deliveries for regular users I consider that a conversation on the telephone is essential. It’s only by actually communicating with the customer that their individual requirements can be ascertained and potential problems avoided. Sometimes just the tone of the customer’s voice (panic for example!) can lead the operator to ask a pertinent question which avoids a problem. Again, this is where experience counts.