Owner Drivers

Same Day Couriers Throughout The UK

Owner-drivers. The famous, or infamous, ‘man with a van’. There are some fantastic, experienced, reliable and efficient owner-drivers in the same day courier industry. With low overheads they’re typically 20-30% cheaper than their larger competitors and can often provide a superior service because you’re actually dealing with the person carrying out the delivery. Unfortunately they rely on being busy for at least 5 days a week and the best quality ones are in constant demand from regular customers, so it can be difficult finding a reliable owner-driver quickly for your last-minute, urgent same day courier delivery.

And make no mistake, the barriers to entry at the bottom end of the courier industry are much lower than for most businesses – any redundant factory- or construction-worker can set themselves up with a van, a mobile phone and a website and proclaim themselves as ‘UK Sameday Courier Experts’ or whatever, without necessarily having much of an idea about the industry they’ve entered or the maze of Government regulation that has to be negotiated to do things legally. After all, it’s just collecting and delivering stuff, right? Well it’s very easy to do a passable job at it, until problems hit or an out of the ordinary same day delivery comes up. When that happens it’s experience and often national contacts which are needed.